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Adventures in Odyssey

Adventures in Odyssey

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Adventures in Odyssey

Adventures in Odyssey is an Evangelical Christian Radio drama and Radio comedy series created and produced by Focus on the Family for kids.

The series first aired in 1987 under the title 'Family Portraits' and has over 800 episodes to date. As of 2005, the show's daily audience averaged around 1.2 million within North America.

The Odyssey radio series also includes several spin-off items, including a home-video series, several computer games, and books.

The series centers on the fictional town of Odyssey, and in particular, an ice-cream emporium named Whit's End, and its owner, John Avery Whittaker, who was originally voiced by Hal Smith.

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Green Eyes & Yellow Tulips

Connie falls for a Novacom employee named Robert Mitchell. Bart Rathbone protests that Novacom's programming is immoral.

The W.E.

To compete with the new Novacom Kids' Center, Whit experiments with a massive overhaul to Whit's End and its attractions.

B-TV: Obedience

B-TV explores the topic of obedience with sketches about the biblical characters Gideon, Naaman, and Moses.

Nova Rising

Novacom buys B-TV from Bernard. Meanwhile, Alex and Cal get jobs working for the company.

Slumber Party

Mandy has a difficult time keeping control of the girls at her slumber party.