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As Speaker and President of Haven Ministries, Charles Morris brings a rich background to Christian radio from secular media. Starting his career as a broadcast news reporter, he then worked as an editor and bureau chief for United Press International. He also served as press secretary for two former U.S. Senators in addition to owning and managing a radio station.

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Latest Episodes

Closed Borders, Open Hearts In Cuba PART 5

From Havana to Guantanamo Bay Cuba is finally hearing regular Christian program. And the impact for the Kingdom is undeniable.

Closed Borders, Open Hearts in Cuba PART 4

Like the lighthouse in Havana’s Harbor, our Spanish radio program, El Faro de Redencion, shines brightly all over Cuba. Hear encouraging gospel stories from the island of Cuba.

Closed Borders, Open Hearts in Cuba PART 3

With the entire nation on lockdown, COVID is hitting Cuba hard. And yet the gospel is still advancing within the country.

Closed Borders, Open Hearts in Cuba PART 2

Cubans love baseball almost as much as they love Jesus. This was confirmed when Haven's team used a good old fashioned sports analogy seemed to resonate well at a pastor's conference in Cuba.

Closed Borders, Open Hearts In Cuba PART 1

Life has always been hard in Cuba. But with pockets of COVID-19 flaring up around the country, life is becoming even harder. On the other hand, faith in Christ continues to flourish.