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Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

Turning Point's 30-minute radio program is heard on more than 2,200 stations worldwide. In recognition of Dr. Jeremiah’s commitment to teaching the Word of God, he received the Broadcaster of the Year Award in 1999 from the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), in August 2002, received the Award of Merit from the Western Chapter of National Religious Broadcasters for Excellence in Broadcasting and Faithfulness in Service, and in 2006 Turning Point received the Best Radio Teaching Program Award.

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Joseph and Crisis Management, Part 2

Pressing forward through a period of crisis is usually the right approach, but there are times when it can be helpful to look backward as well. Dr. David Jeremiah shares three ways that looking back on your life can help you handle a crisis. 

Joseph and Crisis Management, Part 1

Knowing what to do in times of crisis is the mark of a great leader. Knowing how to behave in times of crisis? That’s the duty of every believer. Dr. David Jeremiah considers how Joseph managed the many crises he faced in his life, with principles we can apply when trouble arises in our lives. 

Joseph's Family Reunion, Part 2

In a world in which the traditional family is an endangered species, it’s encouraging to see in the story of Joseph’s family God’s special love and plan for the family unit. Dr. David Jeremiah shares three ways God showed favor to Joseph’s family and continues to bless families even in today’s culture. 

Joseph's Family Reunion, Part 1

The story of Joseph is a dramatic saga with a number of touching reunions in his adult life, none more powerful than with his father, Jacob. Dr. David Jeremiah takes us through that long-awaited moment and reveals all that it meant for them, as well as what it means for us. 

Understanding God's Blueprint, Part 2

Before you can follow God’s will, you need to know what it is. If you’re a believer but still wondering what God wants for your life, take heart! Dr. David Jeremiah shares how Joseph’s father, Jacob, learned to understand God’s will – and how his example can help you discover His will for your life.