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The primary goal of the Anchorpoint radio broadcast is to present God's offer of salvation through sound gospel preaching. In today's religious climate, the clear claims of the Gospel message have been lost. We strive to expose people again to the Bible's message of man's ruin and God's remedy. Also, we present scripturally based doctrinal and practical Bible teaching for believers who want to learn more about the God they have come to know.
These radio broadcasts are supported by believers who gather in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and seek to follow New Testament church principles in the practice of their faith. Contrary to most other gospel outreaches, we do not ask for donations of any kind. God's message of forgiveness is free and without obligation.

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What Christ Has Done For You

Has Christ ever done anything for you? Think about it. The first verse of Isaiah 53 asks a similar question – “Who has believed our report?” That is, many people hear God’s report of His Son – the gospel message of how Christ died for their sins – but don’t believe it. Has Christ ever done anything for them? In unbelief, they would likely answer “No”. And they are wrong. The Lord Jesus was willing to go all the way to the cross for sinners. But all of Christ’s work would be to no avail if He is not received personally as Lord and Saviour. So ask yourself again, “Has Christ ever done anything for me”? 

Christ Can Give You Eternal Life

The Bible tells us in no uncertain terms that we were all born sinners, spiritually disconnected from God because of sin. We start out spiritually dead – with low thoughts about God and high thoughts about ourselves. Since our lives are infected by sin we end up with broken relationships, self-destructive behaviour, sinful habits, bitterness, and confusion as to what life is all about anyway. The good news of the gospel is that the Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to remedy this dire situation by taking care of the root cause of all our problems – sin. As the sinless substitute, He was able to bear our sins and put them away, bridging the broken connection with God again. 

The Empty Tomb

It is hard to enter in to the devastation felt by Jesus’ disciples when they watched Him being taken, crucified, and left to die. All their hopes were completely dashed. They had trusted in Him as the long-awaited Messiah – and yet He died seemingly helpless upon a Roman cross. The Lord Jesus had told them that it would happen – it was why He came - but they just couldn’t take it in. So now, their world crashed in upon them. All hope was gone! What a desperate Saturday it must have been for them! But WE know the end of the story – or the beginning really – that Christ would rise again in the power of an endless life and share that life with all who trusted Him with their souls. Yes, the truth of Easter brings hope and new life to all who believe in Christ for their salvation. 

How I Was Saved

Everybody enjoys hearing stories of instances in the lives of people when they were rescued, or their whole course of life was drastically changed, or they discovered some new thing. Today’s message is one of such stories – but it is more than an account of a life-changing event. It is an account of an Eternity-changing event! Yes, a story of salvation. Join us as evangelist Matthew Cain tells us about how he came to know the Saviour. He does this by relating it to the story of the publican and the Pharisee in the Bible. Matthew uses this comparison as he describes his own life as both of these – once as the self-righteous Pharisee – but then as the poor sinner who needed to be saved.

The Real Pandemic

There are many Bible stories about how the Lord Jesus Christ healed the sick and dying. He was known as the “Great Physician” whose compassion and healing power attracted multitudes of sad and afflicted people. But not all people were drawn to the Saviour – in fact, the religious people were the greatest critics. They felt they had no need of Christ in their lives. He exposed their hypocrisy and sin – and they hated Him for it. Is it any different today? Join us as we look at “the REAL pandemic” – that is, the pandemic of sin in our world and God’s remedy for it.