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The primary goal of the Anchorpoint radio broadcast is to present God's offer of salvation through sound gospel preaching. In today's religious climate, the clear claims of the Gospel message have been lost. We strive to expose people again to the Bible's message of man's ruin and God's remedy. Also, we present scripturally based doctrinal and practical Bible teaching for believers who want to learn more about the God they have come to know.
These radio broadcasts are supported by believers who gather in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and seek to follow New Testament church principles in the practice of their faith. Contrary to most other gospel outreaches, we do not ask for donations of any kind. God's message of forgiveness is free and without obligation.

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Latest Episodes

At the Foot of the Cross

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most amazing location in all the world is at the foot of the cross of Christ. It was there that emotions ranged from horror to peace, from guilt to forgiveness, from terror to calm, from hatred to love, from unbelief to faith in God. One of the figures who stood at the foot of the cross was a Roman centurion who was a front row spectator to the greatest event in history! What he saw and heard caused a response in his heart that changed his life and his eternity. The centurion is in heaven today because of what he did with the Lord Jesus Christ when he had the chance. Are you going to do the same?

Now is the Time

The gospel message has not changed over time. People still need to have their sins forgiven in order to go to heaven. They need to receive spiritual life from God that they cannot attain on their own. The gospel preached by the apostle Paul contained the same elements as the message is comprised of today. And he depended on the power of the Word of God to reach the hearts of sinners, just as we do today. Yes, trusting Christ should be the only sane response to the gospel message.There is far too much at stake to treat the message lightly. One day you will hear God's calling for the last time. Be wise and heed it today, won't you? 

Heaven's Last Call

Have you ever heard the call of God? Sometimes we don't realize that we're hearing it. The circumstances in life contain the call of God to us - both good times and bad times. Sometimes it's a whisper, sometimes it's a shout. Have YOU ever been made aware of God's call to YOU? But God's call comes mainly through His Word. He touches our hearts with truths that we all know to be right. We know that there is something wrong with the world - with US! We feel the guilt of our sin. We long for forgiveness and unconditional love. Don't look into strange new philosophies. Don't fall for self-improvement programs. Just read what God says - and take what He offers freely - salvation and eternal life! One day will be God's last call to you.

What Faith Looks Like

You've probably heard people say that they have 'great faith'. But surely, that is can be very deceptive. A vague, undefined notion of 'having faith' or 'being spiritual' or 'believing in a higher power' has no substance. It is merely a state of mind. Or you may have great faith in an unworthy object - for example, a boat that is filled with holes. Will that faith help you when the boat begins to sink? No, it was an unworthy object for your faith. Neither is faith something you hold onto when all else fails or when there is no evidence to stand on. Nor is it a leap into the dark. These are objections that are false and misleading. Today's broadcast involves an answer to the question, "What does faith look like?"

How God Speaks

The main way that God speaks to us is through the Bible. So, if you want to hear what God has to say - well, read the Bible. It is the most enduring book ever written. But there are many other ways that God can communicate Himself to man - in creation itself - the beauty and order of the universe and world around us. Another way is through His goodness - those good things in your life for which you feel a sense of thankfulness to the giver. And then, of course, there is conscience. There are other ways, but these three are the main ones taken up in today's message. We hope that it will be a help to you in understanding that God has an interest in you!