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Back to the Bible with Dr. John Neufeld

Dr. John Neufeld joined Back to the Bible Canada after 30 years of serving in pastoral ministry, both as church planter and senior pastor. Known both nationally and internationally for his expositional Bible teaching, Dr. Neufeld led one of the largest churches in Canada as Senior Pastor for 15 years. He has spoken widely at churches, conferences and seminars throughout North America, and internationally.

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Latest Episodes

Following the King

There is no earthly honour in following Jesus. The honour is before God. The honour is in the kingdom to come. The honour is in believing that the smile of God is worth infinitely more than the smiles of our world and of this culture.

He Bore Our Diseases

If Jesus died for our sins then He also died for all the effects of our sins and that includes sicknesses.

A Kingdom for the Nations

The healing of the sick was evidence of an invitation into the kingdom of heaven.

Behold Your King

I'm entitling today’s message, “Behold your King.” I have borrowed that title. I didn’t come up with it. It is a title which refers to the Messiah. That title is found in 2 different places in our Bible. The first comes from the Old Testament book of Zechariah.

The Authority of the King

Matthew 8-10 are three chapters that are chock full of miracles. We find the creator having entered into the creation, directing the creation according to his designs