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As Speaker and President of Haven Ministries, Charles Morris brings a rich background to Christian radio from secular media. Starting his career as a broadcast news reporter, he then worked as an editor and bureau chief for United Press International. He also served as press secretary for two former U.S. Senators in addition to owning and managing a radio station.

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Latest Episodes

Christ in Cuba's Pandemic PART 5

The Great Commission offers a word of strength when we are weak and wondering how to carry out the mission of the kingdom. Jesus promises to be with us always, strengthening us as we proclaim him.

Christ in Cuba's Pandemic PART 4

Sometimes moments of suffering bring us back to the basics of life and ministry following Jesus. Today we’re joined by a Cuban pastor who is learning to keep Christ at the center in days of COVID-19.

Christ in Cuba's Pandemic PART 3

Scarcities, quarantines, church closures. That’s what Cuba is facing today in the face of a pandemic. But there is good news!

Christ in Cuba's Pandemic PART 2

Like many things in Cuba, medical equipment is in short supply. As many people go without proper treatment, the church is doing what it can by pointing people to the divine healer.

Christ in Cuba's Pandemic PART 1

Dan Warne, Speaker of Haven’s Spanish broadcast to Cuba, joins Charles Morris today to talk about how the pandemic and political shifts are affecting the church in Cuba.