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Mission Compass from Galcom

Mission Compass - Galcom

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Mission Compass - Galcom

For over 25 years, Galcom has partnered with pastors and missionaries worldwide to help them multiply their impact using radio. The question is, why hasn’t Galcom used radio themselves to reach their local community with the Gospel?

Introducing Mission Compass - Galcom, an exciting 30 min program with encouraging reports from around the world, challenges from God’s Word, and testimonies from people, just like you, who are using their unique skills and gifts to make an impact in their community. Each week, join Canadian Director, Tim Whitehead, and Galcom Co-Founder, Allan McGuirl, as they share what God is doing through the ministry of Galcom.
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Latest Episodes

Episode 4-September 24th, 2022

Do you know what happens when people hear the good news of Jesus Christ? Tune in this week and find out all of the ways in which the Gospel is reaching people all around the world and hear about the stories of transformed lives in the Middle East, Haiti, and Africa. Be encouraged by the stories of the Great Commission this week on the Mission Compass, and get involved, some way, somehow.

Episode 3- September 17th 2022

This week on the Mission Compass, we hear part three of Anthony Ngai’s amazing story of transformation into Christianity and how this has impacted his life. We also hear from Bonnie Sala of Guidelines International and the incredible things they are doing to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of the Middle East and North Africa. We also chat with our own Research and Development Engineer, Pierre-Yves Mutrux, as he discusses the launch of our new player, The Compass. God is working in so many ways through regular people who are heeding the call of the Great Commission. Will you join us in fulfilling the call? Tune in, and find out where you may fit in. #christianpodcast #christianpodcasters #TheGreatCommission #guidelines #missioncompass

Episode 2- September 10, 2022

The Mission Compass radio show profiles missionary work around the world and provides information on how Christians can get involved—somehow, some way. Join us this week as we chat with Stan Jeter of Global News Alliance, and find out how you can get involved in the Great Commission by using your smartphone. We hear from Tom Blackstone, Executive Director at Galcom International USA as he shares how radio is transforming communities. Tune in to part two of our conversation with former atheist Anthony Ngai, Executive Director at Sound of Faith Broadcasting. We want you to be encouraged by the testimonies and good news of how God is working in people’s lives and perhaps get involved in the Great Commission. Listen in and see how you can receive your free copy of the Reset Devotional by Bonnie Sala of Guidelines International.

September 3, 2022

Welcome to the new and improved Mission Compass radio show, still your guide to the Great Commission! On this week’s program, we hear part 1 of Anthony Ngai’s testimony, a former atheist and now the Executive Director of Sound of Faith Broadcasting. We also get an update from our good friend and partner Bonnie Sala of Guidelines International and host of the Reset Devotional. Tune in and see how you can receive your free copy of the Reset Devotional today. We also chat with Mitch Whatford, Production Manager here at Galcom, as he gives an update on our ongoing issues with delays in parts and shipping. More interviews, more testimonies, and more stories of how God is using everyday people to accomplish great things. Get encouraged and get involved in the Great Commission, by listening to the Mission Compass.

August 20, 2022- Jan-Erik Nyman

Radio is the most efficient way for just a few workers to tell a huge audience spread over a big area about Jesus. Join us this week when we speak to Jan-Erik Nyman of IBRA Radio, and learn about how this ministry is using radio and media in the Great Commission. He has a great story of visiting radio listening clubs, full of people coming from Muslim backgrounds. These people are hearing about Jesus and the truth perhaps for the first time in their life. Do you want to know what happens when people start hearing about Jesus' love, grace and forgiveness every day by radio in their heart language? Tune in, find out, and get encouraged!

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