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Mission Compass from Galcom

Mission Compass - Galcom

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Sunday 12:30 pm 1:00 pm

Mission Compass - Galcom

For over 25 years, Galcom has partnered with pastors and missionaries worldwide to help them multiply their impact using radio. The question is, why hasn’t Galcom used radio themselves to reach their local community with the Gospel?

Introducing Mission Compass - Galcom, an exciting 30 min program with encouraging reports from around the world, challenges from God’s Word, and testimonies from people, just like you, who are using their unique skills and gifts to make an impact in their community. Each week, join Canadian Director, Tim Whitehead, and Galcom Co-Founder, Allan McGuirl, as they share what God is doing through the ministry of Galcom.

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Latest Episodes

Oct 16 Dan Reese and TWR Canada

Join Tim Whitehead and Dan Reese, TWR Canada Director, as they discuss the work of sharing the Gospel through radio!

Oct 9 Dennis Wiens and SAT-7

Join Tim Whitehead and Dennis Weins, Partner Ministry Director at SAT-7. Tune in and learn about SAT-7’s TV satellite ministry and their work in the Middle East, Central Asia, and with Muslim Populations. You’ll want to hear about what is going on in Afghanistan and the Taliban, and how this has affected the Christian community in this area.

Oct 2 Greg Muir and Pioneers

Join Tim Whitehead and Greg Muir, Pioneers Country Director for Bolivia, as they discuss some of the challenges of doing short-term missions trips during COVID.

Sep 25 Russell Bartlett and Philpott Memorial Church

Join Tim Whitehead this weekend when he speaks to Russell Bartlett, Pastor at Philpott Memorial Church, as they discuss how we can best respond to current world crises in a meaningful and Jesus-centered way.

Sep 18 - Cal Bombay Part 2

Join Tim Whitehead and Cal Bombay this weekend as they discuss our partnership program, “Double Harvest.” Learn more about how you can be involved in this initiative, so that you can help South Sudanese refugees living in Uganda. Why are there so many refugees in Uganda? What are their needs? Cal will answer these questions, so that together we may be able to feed both the bodies and souls of those who are living in underprivileged communities.