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Live in the Light

Live in the Light exists to see radical transformation in God’s people through the revelation of God’s truth. We believe that through the faithful and passionate preaching of God’s Word, disciples will be made and the church will be strengthened. Our prayer is as people are impacted by Live in the Light they will be renewed in mind, reinforced in faith, and resolved in will to live in Jesus Christ.

Robbie Symons is the founding Pastor of Harvest Oakville, and the voice of Live in the Light. His greatest passion is to see Jesus Christ glorified as people realize their potential only through His amazing power. Robbie went on air in 2014, and has been speaking of the power and grace of the Lord and sharing His teachings through Live in the Light since. Robbie and his wife Gillian live in Burlington, Ontario with their four children.

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A Heart of Conviction

In Psalm 51, David shows God his heart of confession, then his authentic longing for a cleansed heart. Now we learn about David's Heart of Conviction! As believers, we need to follow David's example by continuing to mature in Christ, by transforming others by telling them about His grace, by worshiping through prayer and song wholeheartedly, by maintaining our brokenness and especially, by building His kingdom.

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A Heart That is Cleansed

Who alone can take a wretched, broken heart of sin and transform it into a heart of righteousness? Only our almightly, merciful God! In Psalm 51, verses 7 to 13, David, when faced with the foulness of his sins, begs God to cleanse his heart and prepare it for amazing renewal and revival. Oh Lord, let us, too, put our pride aside and beg for a clean heart!

A Heart of Confession

When He shed His perfect blood for us at the cross, the Lamb, our Saviour Jesus Christ paid for our sins once and for all. But that does not mean we do not grieve the Holy Spirit when we sin. In Psalm 51, David cries out to God after he realizes the evil of his transgressions of adultery and murder, and through his sorrow and pain, we see how merciful our Lord is when He is faced with a heart of true confession.

Start Here: For Integrity

Integrity has been defined as "who you are when nobody is watching". Employees tell us that above all, integrity is the single most important characteristic in a leader. The world appreciates integrity, but it is deeply valued by God. The Lord gave us Jesus, the perfect picture of integrity. It is the foundation that allows us to trust in God without wavering. Today, Pastor Robbie examines Psalm 26 and living a life of integrity.

Start Here: To Be Satisfied

Psalm 16 reveals the key to the life of true contentment. Through David's complete dependence on and his intimate relationship with God, he has discovered confidence and peace. This results from a heart that is totally surrendered to the Lord and a life devoted to pursuing Him first above all things. Jesus tells us in Mattew 5:6 'Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied". Seek first Christ and his righteousness and find the satisfied life!

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