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Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

Turning Point's 30-minute radio program is heard on more than 2,200 stations worldwide. In recognition of Dr. Jeremiah’s commitment to teaching the Word of God, he received the Broadcaster of the Year Award in 1999 from the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), in August 2002, received the Award of Merit from the Western Chapter of National Religious Broadcasters for Excellence in Broadcasting and Faithfulness in Service, and in 2006 Turning Point received the Best Radio Teaching Program Award.

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Why We Go to Church, Part 1

A lot of the news about chuches these days is not encouraging. Why should we go? Dr. David Jeremiah enumerates the blessings of church involvement and the opportunities that will be missed if we forego it.

Walking on Water

In school, testing is an opportunity to reveal our understanding. In life, testing is an opportunity to reveal our faith. Dr. David Jeremiah examines another iconic chapter in the life of Jesus, who is preparing His disciples for a test on the stormy Sea of Galilee. 

Jesus: The One Who Meets Your Needs, Part 2

With a word, Jesus cast out demons and cured diseases. No wonder thousands followed Him, hoping for a touch of His awesome power. Dr. David Jeremiah returns to Mark 1, the fast-moving Gospel that presents Jesus as the Servant of all.

Jesus: The One Who Meets Your Needs, Part 1

Have you searched for the meaning of life without finding what you were looking for? God created us with a vacuum that only He can fill. Dr. David Jeremiah explains how Jesus Christ gives our life meaning and meets our every need. 

What Can I Do When Trouble Overwhelms Me?

If we don’t deal with trouble in our life, it can quickly turn into fear. David understood that, and his thoughts about fear could fill a book. Dr. David Jeremiah opens Psalm 27, a psalm of David, for wisdom in troubled times.